Reap the Healing Properties of a Mattress Made with Bamboo

When it comes to natural healing, the bamboo plant has one of the highest variety of uses in cultures around the world. Most commonly found and used in Asia, bamboo is utilized for construction, food, medicine, tools, and even music. Though the plant has a seemingly endless amount of practical uses, there are many healing benefits that come with bamboo as well. Whether you’re consuming it or sleeping on a mattress made with bamboo, there are so many different ways the plant can benefit your health.


Bamboo extract can be used in herbal extracts and essential oils to create a fresh, captivating scent. The fragrance of bamboo can be reminiscent of woody forest after rainfall and aids in relaxing the stressors within the mind and body. Though not nearly as potent as an essential oil, sleeping on a mattress made with bamboo can help provide that fresh, calming scent every night while you sleep.


Consuming bamboo can do wonders for your digestive system and a variety of stomach issues can be treated by this plant. Not only can it strengthen the stomach muscles, but the stimulative properties within bamboo help to promote easy and efficient digestion.

Antibiotic & Antimicrobial

A mattress made with bamboo can help keep your body clean and free from germs while you sleep due to the antibiotic and antimicrobial properties the plant has. Bamboo textiles are growing in popularity and are now used as wound dressings, odor preventing socks, and cooling fibers for a restful sleep. Sleeping on a mattress made with bamboo will not only leave you cool and refreshed, but it will keep your sheets clean much longer.

Strengthens Immunity

Bamboo contains a large amount of nutrients which supplies the body with a vast supply of vitamins and minerals to help strengthen your immune system. By regularly eating bamboo, you can decrease your risk of catching common colds, infections, and diseases.

Bamboo has an endless amount of possibilities and benefits when it comes to your health and well-being. At Healthy Rest Mattress, each mattress made with bamboo that we sell is constructed of purely renewable materials and are designed to provide you with a cleaner, more restful sleep. Shop our entire collection today at