How to Have a More Mindful Nighttime Routine

Giving yourself the proper time to wind down and complete your nightly routine is essential to getting your best sleep every night. The better sleep you get, the better you’ll feel in the morning and throughout your day. If you struggle with getting to sleep at night or find yourself passing out on the couch at the drop of a hat for half the night, a structured, mindful routine can help you get yourself relaxed and in bed when you need to be.

  • Make time to wind down: Our brains are constantly overloaded with stimulation throughout the day with emails, phone calls, television, browsing the internet, etc. If you try to go to sleep without giving your mind some time to process everything and relax, your brain will still be buzzing with the day’s activities and thoughts. Shutting off the TV, taking a bath, practicing yoga, and reading a book at least an hour before bedtime are all great ways to help your mind wind down.
  • Eat and drink with sleep in mind: Do your best to avoid caffeine the closer you get to bedtime. Though there’s nothing wrong with a small cup of coffee with desert, be mindful of what time you’re drinking that coffee in relation to bed time and switch to decaf if you plan to be in bed within a couple hours after. It’s also a good idea to avoid eating a heavier meal closer to bedtime if it can be helped. If your day leaves you with having a later dinner than usual, opt for something lighter that will fill you up, but not feel heavy in your stomach hours after.

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