The Benefits of Sleeping with a Natural Memory Foam Pillow

At Healthy Rest Mattress, we sell a variety of all natural pillows to help our customers achieve the most restful, comfortable sleep with our products. There are plenty of benefits to sleeping with a high density memory foam pillow, even if you don’t have the matching mattress to go along with it.

  • Reduces neck cramps: Do you ever wake up with your neck feeling exceptionally stiff or painfully tweaked? A natural memory foam pillow will provide the support you need to keep your neck in a comfortable, natural position all night long.
  • Promotes spine alignment: Not only will a high density memory foam pillow keep your neck from twisting in awkward positions, it will also help keep your spine in the proper alignment while you sleep.
  • No adjustment necessary: A memory foam pillow does not require constant flipping, fluffing, or adjusting throughout the night. This will allow for a more relaxing sleep, as you’re not constantly restless making adjustments to your pillow.
  • No more snoring: Since your head, neck, and spine are all in proper alignment, you can drastically reduce heavy snoring with the use of a memory foam pillow. This not only makes your sleep more restful, but it also keeps your significant other at peace too.


Why you should always sleep on a natural pillow

Though switching to an all-natural pillow may not seem like a huge change overall, it can be extremely beneficial to those who are prone to allergies or are sensitive to chemicals. An all-natural high density memory foam pillow will not only allow you to breathe better, but sleep more comfortably as well.

The added support of memory foam will mold to help support your neck and shoulders without falling flat overtime. The renewable materials will also prevent you from experiencing chemical irritations when you sleep. Rather than breathing in harsh chemicals and strong plastic smells, you’ll be able to breathe deeply knowing you aren’t inhaling toxins every single night. Our family owned mattress company is committed to the health and safety of our customers and we believe that a restful sleep can be achieved without all the fancy bells and whistles of mass produced products.

At Healthy Rest Mattress, all of our natural pillows are crafted with bamboo fibres and an aloe vera wash so you’ll always be in your most comfortable state while you sleep. Visit today to shop our entire collection of natural pillows and mattresses that will help you achieve the best sleep of your life.