Why Are There Harmful Chemical Flame Retardants in Most Mattresses?

For many people, the thought that something as well-used as their mattress could be harming them every night never crosses their mind. The reality is that many mattress brands are required by law to be doused with a certain level of flame retardant chemicals before they can be deemed “safe” for retail. The reason for this is that in 1975, Technical Bulletin 117 was enacted by the California legislature, which required all mattresses and upholstered furniture to be able to pass a flame test.

Recommended by the tobacco industry, this law was essentially a workaround of dealing with the issue of smoking-related house fires. These chemicals have a variety of associated risks and though a mattress won’t cause any serious harm overnight, it’s the long-term effects that are worrisome.

Many of these flame retardant chemicals are known carcinogens, including TDCPP and TCEP. Some of these chemicals are also endocrine disruptors, which can cause tumors, birth defects, and a variety of other developmental disorders. There have also been studies on these fire resistant chemicals proving that they can be related to increased anxiety, early puberty, and abnormal reproductive cycles.

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