What to Look for in a Natural Mattress

When shopping for a natural mattress, it can be very difficult to decipher the true natural materials from the mattresses that are only partially natural. It’s very important that you check the labels yourself and inquire about the materials used when you can so you can be absolutely sure that you’re sleeping on the best natural mattress.

When searching for your new natural mattress, make sure the one you’re after is constructed with organic fabrics. Unbleached cotton is always a safe bet and organic fills and dyes will help you avoid harsh chemically treated fabrics.

Be sure to avoid spring mattresses. The may be more cost-effective, but we can’t guarantee that they’re the healthiest mattress out there. These mattresses can act as dust traps, collecting mites, mold, and mildew overtime. Imagine sleeping on a bed of mold, yuck! A recent study also brought to light a strong correlation between spring mattresses and melanoma cancer.

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