How to Develop an Eco-Friendly Bedroom

clean, light bedroom decor

When you’re looking to use more sustainable and renewable materials in your home, the bedroom is a good starting point. Since you spend a good chunk of your time each day sleeping, having an environmentally friendly bedroom will not only do the Earth well, but also yourself. Surrounding yourself with clean and light materials has a variety of health benefits overtime.

The first thing you’ll want is to set up your bed to be as perfect as possible. At Healthy Rest Mattress, we sell the best natural mattress for the job! Made with materials such as bamboo and aloe vera, our mattresses are the perfect addition to any eco-friendly bedroom. Organic cotton sheets are hypoallergenic and light, earthy colors will help give the room a natural, relaxing feel.

You can also change up your floors to be more environmentally friendly as well. Bamboo can be a fantastic alternative to wood or wood-like materials and there is also hemp or wool carpeting available as well. Using natural materials can help deplete the amount of toxins kicked up into the room every day that you’ll eventually end up breathing in.

There are plenty of eco-friendly decorations available and you can even opt to fill the room with a variety of plants that aren’t only pretty to look at, but also provide air cleaning benefits.


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