The Benefits of Sleeping with a Natural Memory Foam Pillow

At Healthy Rest Mattress, we sell a variety of all natural pillows to help our customers achieve the most restful, comfortable sleep with our products. There are plenty of benefits to sleeping with a high density memory foam pillow, even if you don’t have the matching mattress to go along with it.

  • Reduces neck cramps: Do you ever wake up with your neck feeling exceptionally stiff or painfully tweaked? A natural memory foam pillow will provide the support you need to keep your neck in a comfortable, natural position all night long.
  • Promotes spine alignment: Not only will a high density memory foam pillow keep your neck from twisting in awkward positions, it will also help keep your spine in the proper alignment while you sleep.
  • No adjustment necessary: A memory foam pillow does not require constant flipping, fluffing, or adjusting throughout the night. This will allow for a more relaxing sleep, as you’re not constantly restless making adjustments to your pillow.
  • No more snoring: Since your head, neck, and spine are all in proper alignment, you can drastically reduce heavy snoring with the use of a memory foam pillow. This not only makes your sleep more restful, but it also keeps your significant other at peace too.


What makes a mattress non-toxic?

Sleep should be refreshing and rejuvenating, not a time where you’re unintentionally inhaling harmful chemicals emitting from your mattress. At Healthy Rest Mattress, we create a variety of non-toxic natural mattresses that are suitable for those with allergies, chemical sensitivities, and those who just want to experience a healthier sleep.

When shopping for a non-toxic mattress, there are a few things you should look for. All mattresses are required by law to contain fire-retardant materials. Unfortunately, the cheapest and most common way to make mattresses fire-retardant is to douse them in toxic chemicals. Since these chemicals are extremely unhealthy to breathe in overtime, it’s important that you understand how to tell the toxic mattresses apart from the non-toxic ones. At Healthy Rest Mattress, we utilize CertiPUR-US approved foams which are made without phthalates, CFCs, formaldehyde, and PBDEs.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that some “natural” and “organic” labels can be misleading. Just because a mattress is labeled as organic does not mean that it’s also chemical free and the materials used play a big factor in that. A mattress is able to be labeled as organic if it contains any organic materials, even if it’s just the filling or the surface fabric. A mattress may be made from organic cotton, but it may have a vinyl covering which is laced with chemical fire retardants and more.

For a truly natural sleeping experience, shop at today. Our line of all natural mattresses and pillows are sure to help you sleep more comfortably and peacefully.

How to Be More Mindful with your Bedroom Furniture

Your bedroom should be one of the most “zen” places in your home, as it’s the primary place you go to rest every single night. Creating a relaxing space within your bedroom can not only help you feel calmer, but you’ll be able to chill out much easier knowing that you’re in a space that is comforting. Below are several things you can do to create a more mindful, relaxing sleeping space.

  • It’s all about the bed: Your bed is the key point in your bedroom, as that is the main piece of furniture you use. You’ll want your bedding to be comfortable so that you don’t feel like you’re sleeping on a bed of rocks every single night. At Healthy Rest Mattress, we offer a variety of all natural pillows and mattresses to provide sustainable comfort and support to your sleeping habits.
  • Keep it light: Plan the light in your bedroom carefully and opt to let in as much natural light as possible during the day. Avoid overhead lights, as they can be too harsh and unflattering, and instead go for some smaller lamps to highlight important areas. Be sure to avoid florescent lights and stick with a warmer, yellow light.
  • Clean your room: Dirty, dusty surfaces can wreak havoc on your mood, even when you least expect it. By keeping your bedroom clean and organized on a regular basis, you’ll always feel good stepping into the room knowing all of the clutter and disorganization is no more. Waking up in a clean room can help set your mood in the right direction as well since you’re not overwhelming yourself with the sight of last week’s mess.

How to Develop an Eco-Friendly Bedroom

When you’re looking to use more sustainable and renewable materials in your home, the bedroom is a good starting point. Since you spend a good chunk of your time each day sleeping, having an environmentally friendly bedroom will not only do the Earth well, but also yourself. Surrounding yourself with clean and light materials has a variety of health benefits overtime.

The first thing you’ll want is to set up your bed to be as perfect as possible. At Healthy Rest Mattress, we sell the best natural mattress for the job! Made with materials such as bamboo and aloe vera, our mattresses are the perfect addition to any eco-friendly bedroom. Organic cotton sheets are hypoallergenic and light, earthy colors will help give the room a natural, relaxing feel.

You can also change up your floors to be more environmentally friendly as well. Bamboo can be a fantastic alternative to wood or wood-like materials and there is also hemp or wool carpeting available as well. Using natural materials can help deplete the amount of toxins kicked up into the room every day that you’ll eventually end up breathing in.

There are plenty of eco-friendly decorations available and you can even opt to fill the room with a variety of plants that aren’t only pretty to look at, but also provide air cleaning benefits.


What to Look for in a Natural Mattress

When shopping for a natural mattress, it can be very difficult to decipher the true natural materials from the mattresses that are only partially natural. It’s very important that you check the labels yourself and inquire about the materials used when you can so you can be absolutely sure that you’re sleeping on the best natural mattress.

When searching for your new natural mattress, make sure the one you’re after is constructed with organic fabrics. Unbleached cotton is always a safe bet and organic fills and dyes will help you avoid harsh chemically treated fabrics.

Be sure to avoid spring mattresses. The may be more cost-effective, but we can’t guarantee that they’re the healthiest mattress out there. These mattresses can act as dust traps, collecting mites, mold, and mildew overtime. Imagine sleeping on a bed of mold, yuck! A recent study also brought to light a strong correlation between spring mattresses and melanoma cancer.

If you’re searching for the best natural mattress, look no further than our collection at Our family owned mattress company’s mission is to help all of our customers achieve a healthier, restful sleep. Shop our online store today or give us a call at 703-820-4046 for any questions or concerns.

How to Get the Most Restful Sleep

Switching to an all natural mattress is only one step on the path to the best restful sleep of your life. There are a variety of night-time habits that you can change in order to fall asleep easier and feel better rested in the morning.

Though it may seem like a simple task, it’s extremely important to turn off ALL of the lights when it’s time to go to bed. That also means no phone or TV in bed, as the blue light radiating from the screens can mess up your melatonin production and prevent you from falling into that deep, restful sleep you desire. Sleep masks and light blocking curtains are also great for those living in areas where it’s not always easy to shut off all external light sources.

Your nightly process has a lot to do with the quality of sleep you get as well. If your nightly routine involves watching TV until you pass out on the couch for a few hours, which might not be the best. Instead, shut the power off and get yourself ready for bed. Even something as simple as changing into your PJs and washing your face can help your mind transition to a more restful state.

Why you should always sleep on a natural pillow

Though switching to an all-natural pillow may not seem like a huge change overall, it can be extremely beneficial to those who are prone to allergies or are sensitive to chemicals. An all-natural high density memory foam pillow will not only allow you to breathe better, but sleep more comfortably as well.

The added support of memory foam will mold to help support your neck and shoulders without falling flat overtime. The renewable materials will also prevent you from experiencing chemical irritations when you sleep. Rather than breathing in harsh chemicals and strong plastic smells, you’ll be able to breathe deeply knowing you aren’t inhaling toxins every single night. Our family owned mattress company is committed to the health and safety of our customers and we believe that a restful sleep can be achieved without all the fancy bells and whistles of mass produced products.

At Healthy Rest Mattress, all of our natural pillows are crafted with bamboo fibres and an aloe vera wash so you’ll always be in your most comfortable state while you sleep. Visit today to shop our entire collection of natural pillows and mattresses that will help you achieve the best sleep of your life.

Benefits of Bamboo Mattresses

Though the thought of sleeping on bamboo may not be initially pleasing, a mattress constructed with bamboo can actually be the most comfortable thing you’ve ever slept on. Bamboo fibre feels more like high quality linen, so you’ll feel as if you’re sleeping on a luxurious, high-class cloud.

Bamboo has plenty of benefits aside being extremely comfortable and it’s an eco-friendly approach to many mass produced mattresses on the market. Bamboo has natural moisture wicking properties, so you can feel cool and dry no matter what season you’re sleeping in. Bamboo also has anti-bacterial properties, so if you stress over the idea of mites and fungi, a bamboo mattress is perfect for you.

Bamboo fibres are hypoallergenic, so you won’t have to worry about harmful chemicals irritating your sensitive system as you sleep. At Healthy Rest Mattress, we sell a variety of all natural mattresses crafted with bamboo so you can sleep cleaner and easier. Each bamboo health rest mattress is crafted with a mix of natural foam and gel so you can get the most comfortable sleep of your life every single night.

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How to Have a More Mindful Nighttime Routine

Giving yourself the proper time to wind down and complete your nightly routine is essential to getting your best sleep every night. The better sleep you get, the better you’ll feel in the morning and throughout your day. If you struggle with getting to sleep at night or find yourself passing out on the couch at the drop of a hat for half the night, a structured, mindful routine can help you get yourself relaxed and in bed when you need to be.

  • Make time to wind down: Our brains are constantly overloaded with stimulation throughout the day with emails, phone calls, television, browsing the internet, etc. If you try to go to sleep without giving your mind some time to process everything and relax, your brain will still be buzzing with the day’s activities and thoughts. Shutting off the TV, taking a bath, practicing yoga, and reading a book at least an hour before bedtime are all great ways to help your mind wind down.
  • Eat and drink with sleep in mind: Do your best to avoid caffeine the closer you get to bedtime. Though there’s nothing wrong with a small cup of coffee with desert, be mindful of what time you’re drinking that coffee in relation to bed time and switch to decaf if you plan to be in bed within a couple hours after. It’s also a good idea to avoid eating a heavier meal closer to bedtime if it can be helped. If your day leaves you with having a later dinner than usual, opt for something lighter that will fill you up, but not feel heavy in your stomach hours after.

Most importantly, you’ll want to have a comfortable eco-friendly mattress to sleep on when it finally comes time for bed. At, we have a variety of chemical free mattresses that will ensure you receive the best, healthy sleep of your life.

Why Are There Harmful Chemical Flame Retardants in Most Mattresses?

For many people, the thought that something as well-used as their mattress could be harming them every night never crosses their mind. The reality is that many mattress brands are required by law to be doused with a certain level of flame retardant chemicals before they can be deemed “safe” for retail. The reason for this is that in 1975, Technical Bulletin 117 was enacted by the California legislature, which required all mattresses and upholstered furniture to be able to pass a flame test.

Recommended by the tobacco industry, this law was essentially a workaround of dealing with the issue of smoking-related house fires. These chemicals have a variety of associated risks and though a mattress won’t cause any serious harm overnight, it’s the long-term effects that are worrisome.

Many of these flame retardant chemicals are known carcinogens, including TDCPP and TCEP. Some of these chemicals are also endocrine disruptors, which can cause tumors, birth defects, and a variety of other developmental disorders. There have also been studies on these fire resistant chemicals proving that they can be related to increased anxiety, early puberty, and abnormal reproductive cycles.

Rather than spending your nights sleeping on a chemical-laden mattress, visit to shop all of the best chemical free mattresses around and finally get the most restful, healthy sleep you deserve.