How to Have a More Mindful Nighttime Routine

Giving yourself the proper time to wind down and complete your nightly routine is essential to getting your best sleep every night. The better sleep you get, the better you’ll feel in the morning and throughout your day. If you struggle with getting to sleep at night or find yourself passing out on the couch at the drop of a hat for half the night, a structured, mindful routine can help you get yourself relaxed and in bed when you need to be.

  • Make time to wind down: Our brains are constantly overloaded with stimulation throughout the day with emails, phone calls, television, browsing the internet, etc. If you try to go to sleep without giving your mind some time to process everything and relax, your brain will still be buzzing with the day’s activities and thoughts. Shutting off the TV, taking a bath, practicing yoga, and reading a book at least an hour before bedtime are all great ways to help your mind wind down.
  • Eat and drink with sleep in mind: Do your best to avoid caffeine the closer you get to bedtime. Though there’s nothing wrong with a small cup of coffee with desert, be mindful of what time you’re drinking that coffee in relation to bed time and switch to decaf if you plan to be in bed within a couple hours after. It’s also a good idea to avoid eating a heavier meal closer to bedtime if it can be helped. If your day leaves you with having a later dinner than usual, opt for something lighter that will fill you up, but not feel heavy in your stomach hours after.

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Why Are There Harmful Chemical Flame Retardants in Most Mattresses?

For many people, the thought that something as well-used as their mattress could be harming them every night never crosses their mind. The reality is that many mattress brands are required by law to be doused with a certain level of flame retardant chemicals before they can be deemed “safe” for retail. The reason for this is that in 1975, Technical Bulletin 117 was enacted by the California legislature, which required all mattresses and upholstered furniture to be able to pass a flame test.

Recommended by the tobacco industry, this law was essentially a workaround of dealing with the issue of smoking-related house fires. These chemicals have a variety of associated risks and though a mattress won’t cause any serious harm overnight, it’s the long-term effects that are worrisome.

Many of these flame retardant chemicals are known carcinogens, including TDCPP and TCEP. Some of these chemicals are also endocrine disruptors, which can cause tumors, birth defects, and a variety of other developmental disorders. There have also been studies on these fire resistant chemicals proving that they can be related to increased anxiety, early puberty, and abnormal reproductive cycles.

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How Can a Mattress be Toxic?

When working to remove harsh chemicals out of your daily life, one thing in your home that may be overlooked is your mattress. Though the long-term damage is still unclear, breathing in these chemicals night after night can have some impact on overall health and greatly affect those with extra sensitivity. Before buy that memory foam mattress you’ve had your eye on, consider the following red-flags about the chemicals residing within it.

Fire Retardants

Many mattresses are coated with fire retardant substances by law. Many of these chemicals have been linked to a variety of different diseases and cancers. Some of these substances include boric acid, a pesticide that can cause skin irritation, melamine resin, which contains small amounts of formaldehyde, and PCDE’s or polybrominated diphenyl ethers, which are highly toxic chemicals used in mattresses prior to 2004.

Most Vulnerable During Sleep

Though we may not experience much harm from a mattress while going about our day (unless it emits a harsh odor), we are most vulnerable to these toxins while we sleep. Our nervous system enters the parasympathetic mode, which promotes rest, detox, growth, and other reparative functions. When we inhale these harsh chemicals while we sleep, these sometimes undetected stressors pull our body out of this essential state.

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Tips for Buying a Natural Mattress

Investing in a natural mattress is a great way to reduce toxins within your home and body. There are plenty of all natural and organic materials that can be used and an eco-friendly mattress doesn’t have to break the bank. When you’re searching for a natural, more sustainable mattress for your bedroom, there are a few important things you should consider.

Check the Smell

As silly as it sounds, a good natural mattress should smell clean and pleasant. Many top-brand mattresses can have a harsh, chemical-like smell that can prevent some from relaxing into a good night’s sleep. A mattress crafted from renewable materials should emit no odor or, depending on the materials, a very faint scent.

Always Ask for the Real Information

Since there’s no official government certification on eco-friendly mattresses, it’s important to ask what exactly is in the mattresses you’re testing. Many may state that they are green, but their supposed environmentally conscious advertising may only be a small percentage greener than the average department store brand.

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Why Choose an All Natural Mattress?

We spend nearly one third of our lives asleep and what we sleep on greatly affects us, even if you don’t see the impact directly. At Healthy Rest Mattress, we are committed to providing an all natural mattress that will not only benefit our customers, but the environment as well. Crafted from materials such as bamboo, castor oils, and aloe, we strive to create the best mattress for a safe and healthy rest.

Mattresses are a long term investment and you want to be sure that investment counts towards your overall well-being. Bamboo is known for its cooling properties and having this material weaved into your mattress provides a cooler sleeping experience so you’re never tossing and turning under the covers. The use of castor and palm oils can replace up to 20% of the fossil fuels used to create high quality foam, which reduces the need for harmful chemical components.

Harmful chemicals can seep through our skin from the most common of products, mattress included. We opted to infuse our mattresses with aloe to provide extra softness, allergen protection, and an overall sheen to our mattress. When sleeping on a mattress made with renewable materials, your sleep will be free of synthetic and irritating materials, toxin-free, and provide overall well-being to one of the most important aspects of your life.

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